This is a website about Tilikum The Killer Whale who has been held prisoner since before the creation of the internet.
This site is dedicated to promoting Tilikum and his well-being.

Shamu1” by Milan Boershttp://www.flickr.com/photos/milanboers/3507418462/. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

In the time Tilikum has been held captive THREE PEOPLE have died as a result of his imprisonment.

Keltie Lee Byrne in 1991. A twenty year old biology student and competitive swimmer who was a whale trainer. Keltie slipped into the enclosure that held Tilikum and two female pregnant Orcas. Keltie was held beneath the surface and unable to get out of the enclosure.

Daniel Dukes in 1999, although Daniel allegedly jumped into Tilikum’s tank after hours, he was drowned and suffered severe bodily harm.

The third in Tilikum’s death resume, Dawn Brancheau in 2010. Dawn was PULLED INTO THE TANK by Tilikum.
An autopsy showed that Dawn’s spine had been severed, left arm torn off along with her entire scalp, jaw and ribs fractured.


Is Tilikum going to eat another person? When? No one knows. But one thing is certain, Tilikum, along with all the other killer whales in captivity should be released into the wild. As long as Tilikum is kept away from his natural habitat the risk of another life being lost is there. If Tilikum happens to eat another person, it is solely the fault of the party holding him. If another life is lost in Tilikum’s imprisonment, so be it, maybe then he will be released.